Apple Mac: repairs, upgrades, solutions
Health Check

    One important factor in keeping your Mac working efficiently is regular servicing - just as it is with your car.

    purplemac visit your premises whether home or business to carry out a comprehensive Mac Health Check that includes hardware and software testing, cleaning up and optimizing your system and installation of updates.

    As part of this service we will also advise on any possible upgrades:

    Maybe you want to upgrade your Operating System but are not sure if your Mac has a powerful enough processor, enough RAM or if your existing Applications are compatible. Maybe your hard drive is becoming full and you want to replace it with a larger capacity model - Our engineers will be happy to answer your questions.


    If you are already a Mac user you may be thinking of purchasing new equipment and want a seamless data transfer and set up of your new Mac with the minimum downtime and no fuss.

    If you are a PC user, you may be thinking of switching to a Mac but are not sure where to start or what equipment is best suited to your needs.

    purplemac have installed many different Mac systems over the years, from Home Set-ups to Office Business Systems. We can advise you on equipment or if you have already purchased your Apple Mac hardware we can take the headache of installation from off your shoulders.

    For enquiries or to book an appointment please call our office between the hours of 9-5pm, Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) or email us anytime!

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