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Get a great Wi-Fi signal in every room

    Purplemac install additional Wireless Access Points around your home to ensure that you have a great Wi-Fi signal in every room.

    If your current wireless router isn't powerful enough to cover your entire house then no problem - We have the solution.

    We link to your current router and install additional points as required around your home to ensure there are no 'dead spots'.

    We extend your home network via the existing power sockets in your house for a reliable cable free solution for your wireless needs.

    Prices start from 125 + VAT - Inclusive of parts, installation & configuration.

All Devices Covered

    Whether Mac OS or iOS - Our wireless access points work perfectly with all devices and computers.

    Our technicians will test all of your equipment upon installation to ensure compatibility and best performance.

    If you are tired of your Wi-Fi signal dropping or restricted in movements around your home due to a weak reception please get in touch.

    For enquiries or to book an appointment please call our office between the
    hours of 9-5pm, Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) or email us anytime!

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Apple Mac, service, repairs, installation