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Tips 'n' Tricks


    Our most important tip is to regularly backup all your critical data, whether it be work files, email, music, photos - whatever is important to you. Apple Macs are very reliable but any computer Hard Drive can fail - in this event data is not always recoverable.

    Hard Disk Space
    Leave as much available space on your Hard Drive as possible because OS X uses this as Virtual Memory, if your Hard Disk is running short of space it will affect your Mac's performance considerably.

    Install as much memory (RAM) in your Mac as you can - OS X loves RAM. As with Hard Disk space if you haven't got enough it will affect the performance of your Mac.

    Software Updates
    Keep your Mac OS X Software up to date with the latest releases from Apple, especially important are the security updates. These can be obtained by going to the Apple Menu and clicking on Software Update in the drop down menu.


  • Hold down the shift key and click on the amber minimize button on any window to watch your Mac perform this action in slow motion.

  • Hold down the control key and scroll with mouse to zoom in and out on your Mac

  • Hold down the Shift and Option (alt) keys together, then press the volume up/down keys on keyboard, this adjusts the volume more precisely than normal by doing it in smaller steps.(10.5 and above only)

  • Hold down the Command (Apple) key and move any file or folder on the desktop, this makes them 'snap' into place in neat columns keeping your desktop looking tidy.

  • Hold down the Command (Apple) key and click on any window which is behind another one, this window can then be moved while still remaining in the background.

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