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Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many Keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X, below are some of the more useful ones, all using the Command key (Apple key) and various letters which when used in combination can speed up and simplify your OS X experience:

Command-A Select all
Command-B Make text Bold
Command-C Copy
Command-D Duplicate selected item or Bookmark page in Web Browser
Command-E Eject
Command-F Open Find window
Command-G Find Next or Go To
Command-H Hide current Application
Command-I Get Info
Command-J Show View Options
Command-K Connect to Server
Command-L Make Alias of File or Folder
Command-M Minimize Window
Command-N New Finder Window or New Document
Command-O Open
Command-P Print
Command-Q Quit
Command-R Rotate Image or Reload page in Web Browser
Command-S Save
Command-T Add to Sidebar
Command-U Underline Text
Command-V Paste
Command-W Close window
Command-X Cut
Command-Y Quick Look
Command-Z Undo

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